What We Do

  • We launch drugs – and that’s all

    We work only on drug launches, so we know them like the back of our hand. We don’t sell other products or services, so our services are laser-focused and objective.

  • We give practical guidance

    We make a complex process manageable. We know that every dollar counts and every minute is precious, so we help you prioritize what matters most. Our proven launch-management process from more than 100 drug launches helps you develop an approach that meets your objectives quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • We help you sleep soundly

    We know your unknowns. We specialize in high-risk, high-impact launches, so when the stakes are high you can count on us to deliver. Our experience has taught us where the launch process tends to break down, so we help you anticipate and fix problems before they disrupt your plans, manage issues as they arise and keep your launch on track.

How We Are Different

  • This is not our first rodeo

    Drug launches are complicated, and the learning curve to manage them is steep. Working on more than 100 launches throughout the industry has made us intimately familiar with the process. We understand each of your group’s responsibilities and challenges, and we can interpret the FDA’s signals and help you respond to them.

  • We help your team work as one

    As an outside consultant, we can coordinate between internal teams without getting bogged down by internal politics. We also help firms in strategic alliances keep launches on track while navigating differences in their sizes, cultures and roles.

  • We minimize surprises

    Our experience alerts us to potential pitfalls so we can help you avoid them. We uncover and fix problems before they disrupt your plans.

How We Get Things Done

  • We tailor our approach to your needs

    Every launch is unique, so we don’t have a playbook. Instead we use proven practices to identify your top priorities based on your specific situation.

  • We spotlight the real issues

    It’s easy to get bogged down in minutia. We keep the focus on each function’s essential steps, so the process stays on track.

  • We ask the tough questions

    As a neutral outsider, we can ask the hard, necessary questions without baggage, and can shine a spotlight on your company’s blind spots without finger-pointing.

  • We work across functions

    We keep your team aligned: coordinating everyone’s contributions, identifying potential trouble spots and course-correcting with the big picture in mind.

Our Process

1.Get Organized

2.Get Focused

3.Get on the Clock

4.Get Proactive