Of Expertise

Expertise + Straight Talk = Results

We specialize in helping companies navigate the critical period between Phase 3 read-out and product launch. For over 20 years we’ve partnered with a wide range of pharmaceutical companies, from some of the world’s largest drug firms to start-ups and emerging leaders. Our more than 100 launches include:

  • A breakthrough breast cancer drug
  • A treatment for a rare disease derived from corn cells
  • An opioid pain medication with an innovative abuse deterrent

We even helped launch a drug that keeps dogs calm during thunderstorms.

Our unique approach to launch management streamlines a complicated process. We’re intimately familiar with the industry’s quirks and subtleties, and our guidance is straightforward, practical and effective.

Who We’ve Helped


This Really Isn’t His First Rodeo

Geoff Chellis founded Expedia Consulting Group in 2000. Years earlier he began his career running sponsorship events at rodeos, managing everything from finding promotional models in cow towns to keeping horses from eating his product samples. This experience instilled in Geoff a keen sense that the show must go on: There were more than 40 rodeos in a year, and each would happen five days after he came to down, no matter what. Geoff honed his skills at focusing a team on the tasks that mattered most, while staying nimble and alert to the precious minutes left on the clock.

Geoff left the rodeo world for something that turned out to be surprisingly similar: launching new products in fast-paced, highly regulated industries. He excelled at that work over the following 30 years, turning his full attention to the pressure-packed world of drug launches in 2000. Geoff founded Expedia Consulting Group with the mantra “putting ideas into motion,” building on lessons he honed in the rodeo world decades before: High stakes demand know-how, straight talk, teamwork and a constant focus on the clock.

How We Give Back

We’re deeply committed to youth development programs, because they represent the future. We contribute leadership advice, guidance and financial support to community organizations that develop the next generation of leaders and help special-needs children to live life to their fullest.

Boy Scouts of America
B.P.O. Elks
Montclair State University
St. Baldrick’s Foundation

[Geoff] brings a significant depth of experience as a consultant on the detailed processes and interdependencies to ensure a successful product launch.

When I first get involved with a particular launch and see that Geoff is involved I know that no matter how complex the product or channel is, that processes will run smoothly and success is not far behind.

Geoff’s ability to point out hidden issues and hurdles, allowed me to focus on key drivers and anticipate obstacles during the whole process.

One of the big benefits of using Geoff was his ability to ask the hard, necessary questions while being able to shine a spotlight on blind spots without finger-pointing.

Geoff has proven that his value-add is in ensuring that timelines were met, people were held accountable by the larger group, and bottlenecks identified and commensurate resources secured to relieve these bottlenecks.

…. working with Geoff, we were able to launch a new drug to market in only 17 weeks after management gave the “go” decision … in large part due to the skill and guidance that Geoff brought to the team.

Geoff Chellis brought a balanced blend of technical and people skills that enabled the matrixed teams to efficiently and effectively focus their energy on … the most critical “go to market” issues.